Winter Wonderland Hip Pain

Winter can be a really magical time, even here in Phoenix where we (usually) don’t get snow. Houses and lawns can be completely transformed by lights and decorations. But it can take a lot of work to get all those decorations up – sometimes requiring crawling, climbing, and lifting. When hip pain stops you from being able to move like you want to, it can completely change the magic of the holiday season. 

Hip Pain

The other day, I was chatting with one of my patients about holiday plans. He told me that he absolutely loves to build a winter wonderland in his backyard for his 8 grandchildren. “Their faces…they just light up when they walk into the yard. It’s a completely different world,” he told me, “and I just don’t want to lose the ability to do that for them.”

Sure, you could live with hip pain that makes you slow down a bit when getting out of the car or up from your chair. But when it starts to impact your ability to create an experience…that’s when it becomes unbearable

For this granddad, we created a plan to address that pain point and get him back building that wonderland as soon as possible. We modified some activities, enlisted help on others temporarily, and found movements and exercises to ease the pain he feels in his hip while improving strength

Two of his favorite exercises are shown below. Give them a try for a week or two, and if your hip is still affecting the things you and your grandkids love during the holidays, give us a call

Rockbacks with band traction

Side-lying hip abduction

Happy holidays from DPT! If you or someone you know has hip pain that’s impacting the ability to spread joy and cheer this season, come see us – we’d love to help you get your spark back.