How To Solve Knee Pain,

Even If You’ve Been In Pain For Years

A Free Community Event

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Active Adults Workshop - Scottsdale, AZ

For Active Adults

In this one-hour workshop, you’ll learn why surgery and rest doesn’t always fix knee pain and discover what you can do to start the healing process now.

This event is for people who:

  • Struggle with knee pain when they walk, run, or climb stairs,
  • Aren’t able to participate in their favorite activities because of knee pain,
  • Are afraid that their pain will get worse or require surgery if they do nothing,
  • Want to avoid a life-long reliance on pain killers,
  • Don’t want to have surgery,
  • Don’t want knee pain to keep them from living the life they love in 2022.

Here’s What You’ll Discover

  • The top 3 causes of knee pain
  • Why surgery and inactivity might not solve the problem
  • Ways to start the healing process now

You’ll also receive

  • A free copy of Dr. Tom Padilla’s Book “A Runner’s Guide To Avoiding Common Running Injuries”
  • A copy of our special report that contains 7 actionable tips that you can use to start easing your knee pain quickly.

5:30p – 6:30p on Wednesday, Jan 19th

8350 E Evans Rd Ste C2, Scottsdale


What It’s Like To Live Life Without Knee Pain

What It’s Like To Live Life Without Knee Pain

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