DPT March Madness 100 Massage Giveaway!
March 6th-22ndJust 39 Remain!

Have you experienced: 

  • A recent loss of mobility?
  • Stiffness that comes and goes but is becoming more frequent?
  • Increased stress being “carried” in your neck or back?
  • Ineffective massage?
  • Massage that’s too painful?

Introducing Massage at DPT

  • Where your massage therapist and physical therapist communicate directly. 
  • Where there’s a team around you helping you get faster pain relief, and maintain your progress. 
  • Where you can come to one place to become more mobile, active, and independent while staying injury free. 

Our goal is to help you live your life, without fearing that injury is always waiting right around the corner. We want you to live with the confidence that you can do the activities you enjoy without risking injury, and that if something does happen, you’ve got a team behind you that will work to get you back in the game quickly. 

Life is one big long tournament, kind of like March Madness…and we’re giving away 100 free massages. 

When you buy 3, you get 1 additional massage for free! $417…(Save $139)

When you buy 6, you get 2 additional massages for free! $839…(Save $278)

When you buy 9, you get 3 additional massages for free! $1251…(Save $417)

HOW TO CLAIM: Fill out the form below on which package you would like to reserve and you will be directed to a check-out page, or call us at 480-482-0651 for more information!

These forms will stop working once 100 free massages have been claimed or on March 22nd.

Fill out the form below with your desired deal and reserve your March Madness Massage package special!

Can I share? You can share the free massages with a friend or family member. 

Would I use them with PT? Yes, you could schedule a massage before or after your PT appointment. This will likely accelerate your results and allow us to get even more benefit from your plan of care.