The Doctors of Physical Therapy Scottsdale

Looking for the best Physical Therapy Scottsdale?

Have you ever left a doctors appointment more confused than when you walked in?

Have you been frustrated by having to explain yourself to so many doctors, and feeling like nobody is communicating?

Our formula for achieving excellent results is to explain to our clients their injury, the treatment, and the game plan for getting them better in a manner that is crystal clear, and maintaining open communication with a wellness team. If you already know what you’re looking for you might find it helpful to check out our pages on back pain, shoulder pain, or knee pain.

We use video analysis to capture your movements for two reasons:

1) To analyze your movement patterns: Most of the time it is the way that you are moving that leads to an injury, or staying injured. In the case that an injury has happened due to an event, then our body adapts movement to avoid pain, and over time this movement may cause the injury to be prolonged.

By recording movement and analyzing it in slow motion we are able to isolate patterns that may be at fault.

2) To prove our results. When we are able to make changes to pain and to movement and display them side by side we are putting our results on the line.

1 on 1 Session with Dr. Tom Padilla at DPT

The most important part when it comes to Physical Therapy Scottsdale!

You play the most important role in the healing process, and for that reason each session is 1-on-1 with the doctors, to make certain that our clients understand their role in the treatment process and are able to continue getting better in between sessions. Most of our physical therapy scottsdale clients start at once per week, and as you improve we put more time between the follow up sessions as you become independent with your exercise program. After all, strength changes take time and there is no reason for us to supervise you with exercises two to three times per week.

Through this collaborative, patient centered, quality obsessed approach, we are able to get people better in fewer visits, they stay better for longer, and they achieve their goals.

Our guarantee at The Doctors of Physical Therapy, is that you will not feel like a number!