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Watch this video in 1:45 where Kristin describes why she chose to work with our clinic and how we were able to help her achieve her goals…
Not everyone has dreams of making a CrossFit Podium, but our bodies work the same.

Watch this 1:00 minute video where Michael tells you about how he searched and tried multiple PT clinics before he found ours and how our approach helped him.

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“I came to DPT because my body was all kinds of messed up from my first pregnancy, which was making my second very uncomfortable. Pelvis pain, back pain, etc. With my first visit at DPT I saw immediate results where I could get out of bed so much easier (which used to be a group activity with my husband). After having my daughter we had a few more sessions and I can happily say I’m back to my old self! No pain, better mobility, and with my functioning body I’m losing all my baby weight. Couldn’t have done it without my crew at DPT.”

Kelly Henderson, Phoenix

“I was in hip pain for three years; the throb, pinch, and tightness was all day and night. I stopped exercising as well as unable to sleep on that hip!
Last month I was blessed with a referral to The Doctors of Physical Therapy. After only a few sessions (along with strength exercises at home)…I can’t believe that I’m pain free! I’m back to spinning, hiking and
best of all, sleeping like a baby!
I highly recommend DPT to lift your spirits again. The staff is knowledgeable, kind, and empathetic. They teach you how to live and stay pain free, for that I’m grateful!”

Tanya Dahl, Scottsdale

“I severely pinched a nerve, It was so bad it got to the point I was unable to properly flex/contract my Pec or Tricep. I have been a gym regular for years, and it has been a large part of my life. So being unable to really engage my right side was devastating. I went to a couple doctors in the hopes of getting this fixed, with no luck. Finally ended up at DPT and so happy I did. Not only were they able to diagnose the issue right away they also worked very closely with me and developed a plan to get me back to 100%. Didn’t take long for me to be able to use those musicals again! Armed with the knowledge gained from my sessions I am regaining my strength. No words for how grateful I am!”

Tashin Dieterich, Chandler

Friendly and very knowledgeable staff. The team’s whole body approach to injury recovery has most certainly helped speed up the healing process. Most important, they provided clear strategies, goals and easy to implement exercises to restore function and assure my injury does not return.

Jim Elfline, Scottsdale