Watch The Expert Interview on The Root Cause With Dr. Tom Padilla

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During A Discovery Visit:

  • Step 1: We’ll dig into your history, what you’ve tried, and what has or has not worked.

  • Step 2: We’ll conduct a personalized root cause diagnostic exam.

  • Step 3: We’ll clearly explain your root cause and “why the things you’ve tried have not worked,” and outline a step-by-step plan to fix it without painkillers or surgery.

Note: There is no obligation to take action on the plan we suggest. However we do ask that if you inquire, you are serious about taking steps to fix it if presented with a solution that you believe will work. We have just 10 of these slots each month and demand is high. We wish to prioritize those who are determined to get rid of their pain. Fill out this form to start the process.