“We Help People Age 30+ Become More Active, Healthy, & Mobile,’ WITHOUT Painkillers or Surgery…Even if They Have Had Pain For Years.”

Our clinic is a perfect fit for the individual who desires to work with an expert to establish goals that will help improve their quality of life. 

We are perfect for motivated individuals who are sick and tired of feeling like a number, going to seemingly endless appointments, or who have been let down by other providers in the past. We help these individuals reclaim the lives and identities that they deserve using a natural hands-on and exercise-based approach so that they can get healthy and stay active for years to come.

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Our clinic was born out of frustration that big corporations jam rooms full of people that are all under the care of one therapist at the same time. Oftentimes this results in the physical therapist needing to use aides, or technicians, who are less experienced to administer parts of the treatment. This is unfair to both the people, and the physical therapist, and this form of treatment has potentially contributed to the rise in use of painkillers and surgeries. We were determined to find a way to serve our clients better. We cringe at the stories of patients being offered surgery and pills as their only option, and we stand for better options.

We have worked hard to build a network of like-minded providers who we can rely upon with difficult cases. Our promise is that we will do our very best to find solutions for our patients, and we do not hesitate to call in extra team members if the need arises.

We believe that it’s through this collaboration, and internal drive to fix what’s wrong in healthcare, that we have been blessed to have grown so quickly and connected with our patients on a higher level.

The Doctors of Physical Therapy is 100% committed to honoring the following promises to our clients. These promises are what allow us to guarantee you are 100% happy and satisfied in the services we provide. We believe that through committing to these promises, we ensure that our clients feel that we have done absolutely everything in our power to assist them in getting the outcomes they deserve. 

Promise #1: Avoid Insanity

You may be familiar with Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity. That is: “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Many of our clients have had a healthcare experience where they felt like they were not listened to, or were told that they were just getting older & it just takes more time to get better. After months of nothing changing they become frustrated, and often it’s not clearly explained when they should expect to see a change. They keep getting the same treatment, doing the same exercises, and nothing’s changing. If you’ve had a similar experience you know how frustrating that can be. Sometimes this type of experience can make you even question yourself! 

Our first promise to each of our clients is that you will understand exactly what’s wrong, and have a clear plan of action. If things are not going according to plan, we consider changing our approach, it’s that simple. In this way we find something that works. 

Promise #2: Teamwork Includes You

You are the most important part of the team. An important part of our process is listening to exactly what you report, and asking detailed questions so that we get a real understanding of your concerns and how they affect your life. We work with you to put a plan in place that will get you better, and works well in your life. Whether you travel a lot, or have a busy family life, we create a plan that fits your needs. In this way we help you develop the tools to be able to help yourself. Much of what we do relies on these 3 things: 

  1. Us selecting the right treatment plan.
  2. You sticking with the treatment plan and reporting back to us. 
  3. Continue what’s working well, but also knowing when to change directions if the plan isn’t working as quickly as we would like it to. 

Promise #3: We Collaborate With Other Providers

Our third promise is that we know when we need help. Whether that means having another PT at our clinic take a look, or discussing your case with our referral partners, we cover all of our bases. When you do see another provider, we ensure that we discuss the case prior to your appointment, so that you don’t have to explain your entire story all over again. In this way we make sure that we have a team around you, that works together to solve even the most difficult cases.

These promises are what we believe helps us in creating a positive outcome for our clients, and one of the best healthcare experiences you’ll ever have.

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We believe that “physical therapy” is not something you do to someone, but that it’s a craft. To be the best physical therapy clinic in Scottsdale is simply a byproduct of our goal to help as many people as we can to get their lives back. In just a few short years we’ve gone from the corner of a small gym that shut down 6 months after we started renting…to a 3 room clinic with access to one of Scottsdale’s premier fitness facilities.

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See Who’s Tried Our Approach And How Satisfied They Are…

Kelly Henderson, Phoenix

“I came to DPT because my body was all kinds of messed up from my first pregnancy, which was making my second very uncomfortable. Pelvis pain, back pain, etc. With my first visit at DPT I saw immediate results where I could get out of bed so much easier (which used to be a group activity with my husband). After having my daughter we had a few more sessions and I can happily say I’m back to my old self! No pain, better mobility, and with my functioning body I’m losing all my baby weight. Couldn’t have done it without my crew at DPT.”

“I severely pinched a nerve, It was so bad it got to the point I was unable to properly flex/contract my Pec or Tricep. I have been a gym regular for years, and it has been a large part of my life. So being unable to really engage my right side was devastating. I went to a couple doctors in the hopes of getting this fixed, with no luck. Finally ended up at DPT and so happy I did. Not only were they able to diagnose the issue right away they also worked very closely with me and developed a plan to get me back to 100%. Didn’t take long for me to be able to use those musicals again! Armed with the knowledge gained from my sessions I am regaining my strength. No words for how grateful I am!”

Tashin Dieterich, Chandler

Tanya Dahl, Scottsdale

“I was in hip pain for three years; the throb, pinch, and tightness was all day and night. I stopped exercising as well as unable to sleep on that hip!
Last month I was blessed with a referral to The Doctors of Physical Therapy. After only a few sessions (along with strength exercises at home)…I can’t believe that I’m pain free! I’m back to spinning, hiking and
best of all, sleeping like a baby!
I highly recommend DPT to lift your spirits again. The staff is knowledgeable, kind, and empathetic. They teach you how to live and stay pain free, for that I’m grateful!”

We guarantee that our clients will be satisfied that we have given our 100% best in working with them at all times, or your entire course of care will be refunded. 

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Meet Our Team

About Dr Tom Padilla

Dr. Tom Padilla is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Strength Specialist, Author, and Founder of The Doctors of Physical Therapy.

Dr. Tom Padilla grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He obtained a BA in Spanish and a BA in Portuguese from the University of New Mexico before going on to USC to study Physical Therapy. He has over 10 years of experience using movement as medicine, starting when he was a personal trainer during his undergraduate. He uses his experience as a personal trainer, a strength and conditioning specialist, and as a physical therapist to formulate treatment plans to optimize movement and restore function before and after injury.

  • Dr. Padilla received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California in 2014. Two years after graduation he moved from California to Arizona to open The Doctors of Physical Therapy.
  • While attending USC, he was awarded the Order of the Golden Cane and the Order of Areté.
  • He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.
  • The author of the book “A Runner’s Guide to Preventing Common Running Injuries.”
  • He is considered a leader in treatment for low back and hip pain.

Dr. Padilla’s passions outside of DPT include his family, travel, languages, and personal development.

Stephanie Mundt Physical Therapist