Specialized Massage and Hands On Treatment at DPT In Scottsdale

Dealing with aches and pains can be difficult, but finding the right provider is harder. If you’re struggling with stiffness and loss of mobility, come see how working with a specialist can help!

Have you experienced:

  • A recent loss of mobility?
  • Stiffness that comes and goes but is becoming more frequent?
  • Increased stress being “carried” in your neck or back?
  • Ineffective massage?
  • Massage that’s too painful?

Massage at The Doctors of Physical Therapy

  • Where your massage therapist and physical therapist communicate directly.
  • Where there’s a team around you helping you get faster pain relief and long-lasting results.
  • Where you can come to one place to become more mobile, active, and independent while staying injury free.

Our goal is to help you live your life,  without fearing that injury is always waiting right around the corner. We want you to live with the confidence that you can do the activities you enjoy without risking injury, and that if something does happen, you’ve got a team behind you that will work to get you back in the game quickly.

The Best Massage Scottsdale Has to Offer

Have you had difficulty finding a massage therapist who will follow the recommendations you’ve been given from another provider, or finding a consistent massage therapist?

We’ve solved that for you.

We bring a team approach to massage and physical therapy that our patients say is one of a kind.

Here at DPT, we’re always aiming to provide a seamless experience between massage, physical therapy, and performance training to get you results that really matter. With the best massage therapist Scottsdale has to offer on your side, recovery is easier than ever before.

Our massage therapist has direct access to our specialists, ensuring that he knows exactly which areas will be  most effective in your care. In this way, you can more easily maintain the improvements you’ve made and accelerate your future progress.

Great massage can make a big difference. At DPT, we’re fan of regular massages for a few reasons:

  • It can serve as an ‘injury detection’ tool by picking up on sensitive muscles and joints long before you experience pain or injury.
  • It can help give you a starting point to investigate why your muscles are aching. This can help you find what’s causing your aches and pains to better change
  • your movement habits before they become major issues.
  • It improves circulation, metabolism, mood, energy, immune system function, and mobility – lots of great reasons all packed into one!

If you’re ready to start feeling better with regular massage, call today to schedule your first session and see why our patients rate us as the best massage Scottsdale has to offer.

Call 480-482-0651 to book your massage appointment today!