How To Find Lasting Relief From Nagging Shoulder Pain. No Pills, No Surgery, Just Results.

Are You Frustrated Because It Feels Like You’ve Tried It All?

If you’ve tried to fix your shoulder pain only for it to keep coming back, it’s because most advice targets the symptoms of shoulder pain, but does nothing to help the root cause. This can leave you frustrated, like Michael in the video below, who had struggled with shoulder pain for 3 years before finding  lasting solution that has allowed him to return to an active lifestyle. It’s important to know that there are solutions without surgery or painkillers in most cases. To learn more download our shoulder pain guide, continue reading, or watch Michael’s video below.

Most people who struggle with shoulder pain just want to know if there’s a solution that actually lasts. They’ve heard stories about people who tried everything and eventually resorted to surgery, and it STILL didn’t solve the issue for good. It can be frustrating because different things you try may bring you relief, but you find it comes back months later, sometimes days later. To top it off, the things that used to work, don’t work any longer. Eventually you find yourself down the rabbit hole, searching for solutions to help you avoid surgery.

You’ve likely tried many different things. Usually the list includes massage, stretching, chiropractic, different exercises, and then giving up once again frustrated that you put all this time into it and gotten nowhere.  

This is a very common experience. The reason is that shoulder pain is complex. There are 17 muscles that attach to your shoulder blade alone. They all need to work together to perform precise movements. The issue is that once you have an injury, the brain adapts to new ways of moving. These ways help with the pain at first, but over time, they actually end up causing further damage. It’s these movement patterns that cause shoulder pain to continue, and even increase.

In order to find a lasting solution to shoulder pain, this pattern must be corrected. The pattern is what causes weakness, tight muscles, and stiff joints. If you have this go on long enough, your shoulder begins affecting your neck, giving you pain and stiffness there as well.

We understand that shoulder pain is frustrating, and that you’ve likely been told many different things about it. That’s why we have our Discovery Visit. It’s completely natural to be skeptical to try new things, and we wanted to create a way for people to meet our doctors, and learn about this effective approach to treating the root cause, WITHOUT any risk.

To apply for a DISCOVERY VISIT is simple. All you need to do is click the Application Button and fill out the form. If instead, you’d like to think about it, take our Shoulder Pain guide, it’s full of simple tips you can start using today to get some relief.

“Why Do I Have Shoulder Pain In The First Place…and How Do I Make It Go Away!?”

Real solutions are hard to find. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and many of our clients tell us they searched for solutions for MONTHS before finding what works.

Do you want to know why it takes so long to find a solution for shoulder pain?

If You’re Currently Living With Shoulder Pain, Here Are 7 Reasons It May Be Lasting Longer Than It Should

  1. You tried looking up exercises to do on your own for your shoulder pain. This is a fair strategy, but there are many “causes” of shoulder pain, and it’s difficult to figure out which exercises are right for you. This is why some exercises can seem to make it better, but some make it much worse.
  2. You tried a few relaxing massages and it felt good for a few days but then it came back. So you started getting more frequent massages, but the effects have gradually worn off.
  3. You tried chiropractic care and it eased a bit, but the nagging sensation is still there.
  4. You tried waiting for it to go away on its own. That didn’t work…
  5. You went to the doctor’s office, and they gave you pain meds or nerve medication to numb the pain. They told you to come back in 6 weeks if it didn’t work.
  6. You went to a physical therapist who put you on the same exercises everyone else with shoulder pain gets…then they left you with an assistant who only half watched your technique.

If any of these things have happened to you, unfortunately it’s common. The issue with a lot of these methods is that they focus on addressing the symptoms, not the root cause of your shoulder pain.

Any time you get temporary results that relieve the pain, and then they come back, your body is trying to tell you something. It’s trying to tell you that you didn’t find the solution, you just put a temporary band-aid on it.

For proof that most “solutions” don’t fix it, you don’t need to look any further than the opioid crisis in the USA. Along with increasing numbers of people addicted to pain pills, the number of surgeries just keeps increasing. Would this be happening if we were actually solving anything with these methods? 

It’s understandable to want to solve it on your own, but it’s likely not the best way to avoid becoming one of the people who need those pills or surgeries.

If any of this has happened to you, we would love to help you by inviting you to book a call with one of our specialist physical therapists in Scottsdale. We can help you find out what can be done to help you.

You may be frustrated that you’ve already tried so many things. That’s a GOOD thing. When you know what doesn’t work, that puts you that much closer to finding the real solution. What we tell our clients is this: “What you have to be careful of is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results…that’s insanity!”

Click the orange button below to book a call with us if you would like some advice given to you over the phone. This is a complimentary, no obligation phone call. You are not required to book physical therapy with us once the call is over. Our goal is to help you make the right decision about your health.

What Can I Do To Get Rid of My Shoulder Pain Completely?

Well, here are 4 things you can do. 

  1. First, you need to make a decision about getting help. So many people rest for weeks, thinking shoulder pain will “just go away with time”, but then 6 months later they’re still putting up with it, and nothing has changed…or it’s worse. Don’t let another week go by without living the life you want.
  2. Next, do the RIGHT exercises – One of the best things to help you ease the pain from your shoulder pain is to do the right series of progressed exercises. The right exercises given to you by a physical therapist and taught to you correctly, will help reduce the pain and allow you to start getting back to your life quickly. A good physical therapist will know how to progress these exercises to make sure the pain doesn’t come back any time soon.
  3. Avoid long periods of rest. The truth is, our bodies were designed to move. Certain activities right now might make your shoulder pain worse, but that doesn’t mean you should restrict all of your movements, because that can make your situation worse. If certain things are painful, like walking, lifting, sitting, it’s important to find the root cause and get you moving properly so you can continue staying active.
  4. Get real, “hands-on” customized treatment. Customized physical therapy treatment is proven to help people with shoulder pain. In fact, at The Doctors of PT, it’s one of the most common things we see people aged 30+ living with. If your shoulder pain is affecting your job, your sleep, your activity level – then it threatens your independence and gets in the way of spending quality time with family and friends. High-quality and customized treatment can help get you back to living the life you deserve as quickly as possible.

If you would like to know how the Physical Therapy team at Doctors of Physical Therapy in Scottsdale can help you return to being active as quickly and safely as possible – we invite you to start with a completely free, no-obligation, risk-free “Discovery Visit” at our clinic:

Note: This free “Discovery Visit” is something we offer to people who are nervous or skeptical about getting physical therapy – unsure of it’s benefits or if it’s right for them. If that sounds like you, then please start with a free “Discovery Visit” so that we can work with you to find out what is wrong, and what can be done – without any risk or obligation on your part.

So the next question is…

“How Can Choosing Physical Therapy at The Doctors of Physical Therapy in Scottsdale Help You Get Rid of Your Shoulder Pain?”

Here Are Just A Few Things Our Expert PT’s Can Do For You:

  • We can quickly take away the sharp pain – often inside a few sessions.
  • We can help you find out what’s really going on, and get to the root cause of your injury once and for all – often inside of 30 minutes.
  • Your treatment plan is tailored to your lifestyle to get you to be able to do the things that are most important to you.
  • Pain can “zap” your energy, and ruin your sleep and activity. – We can help you enjoy sleeping at night, and have more energy during the day.
  • We will make sure that your problem is “corrected” and “healed” properly – and provide you with the perfect set of exercises that will speed up your recovery.
  • We will teach you about your body, how everything works and is connected, so that you can understand how to help yourself avoid painful injury in the future.
  • We can help you put an end to needing to take pills, which are not good for your long-term health.
  • We can help keep you out of the Doctor’s waiting room and urgent care, where you’ll just be told to rest, or take pills.
  • We can help you get back to enjoying quality time with your family and friends, that your injury has taken from you…
  • We can help you finally be able to lift, reach, and carry objects freely, without worrying if the pain is going to get worse and stop you in your tracks.
Physical Therapy at DPT in Scottsdale, AZ

Basically, we can help you get back all the things you miss about your life before you started having shoulder pain.

If you want to know what it costs – and what availability we have at our Physical Therapy Clinic in Scottsdale, then please just click the button below and complete the short form on the next page:

Please Take A Few Moments To Hear What Our Clients Have To Say About DPT

Katherine, Physician’s Assistant, 42

“I’m now happy to say that I’m pain free. I have no more shooting pain. I can get up in the morning, and I’m not stiff and uncomfortable. And I can do all my activities and keep up with my kids which is important.”

Doug, Contractor, 48

“The balance that this has created is phenomenal. The Change in sleeping behaviors. The release that when I am in pain I can do stuff. We’ve traveled through Switzerland, through Italy in may. And that was one of my goals, I wanted to be able to walk around Italy with my wife for her 50th birthday…”

Teri, K2 Foundation, 47

“Living pain free really makes me feel like I’m not going to… like i have quality if life to live! Like I think I had reached a point in my life and thought, ‘Okay, maybe… maybe this is it. Maybe I just start aging now.’ And I feel really good, which I haven’t felt in a long time.”