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Laura, Mid 20’s (knee/neck pain)

“I came in with knee pain and he [Dr. Tom] asked about my medical history, about any falls that I’ve had, he takes into consideration all of my life instead of just the injury I’m having right now. I love DPT because it has given me a new look on how resilient our bodies are. […] This experience has been far different. It’s been very functional, and it makes sense to me, and it’s helped me like nothing else has, so I wan’t to share that with other people.”

Katherine, Early 40’s (hip/low back pain)

“I’m now happy to say that I’m pain free. I have no more shooting pain. I can get up in the morning, and I’m not stiff and uncomfortable. And I can do all my activities and still keep up with my kids which is important.”

Doug, Late 40’s (chronic back pain)

“The balance this has created is phenomenal. The change in sleeping behaviors. The release when I’m in pain I can do stuff. We’ve traveled through Switzerland, through Italy in may. And that was one of my goals, I wanted to be able to walk around Italy with my wife for her 50th birthday…”

Teri, Late 40’s (knee/low back pain)

“Living pain free really makes me feel like I’m not going to… like i have quality if life to live! Like I think I had reached a point in my life and thought, ‘Okay, maybe… maybe this is it. Maybe I just start aging now.’ And I feel really good, which I haven’t felt in a long time.”

More Amazing Testimonials

Kelly H. at DPT Scottsdale, AZ

“I came to DPT because my body was all kinds of messed up from my first pregnancy, which was making my second very uncomfortable. Pelvis pain, back pain, etc. With my first visits at DPT I saw immediate results where I could get out of bed so much easier (which used to be a group activity with my husband). After having my daughter we had more sessions and I can happily say I’m back to my old self! No pain, better mobility, and with my functioning body I’m losing all my baby weight. Couldn’t have done it without my crew at DPT.”

– Kelly H. (pelvis/back pain)

“I have been going to The Doctors of Physical Therapy for 3 months and can’t say enough good things about the staff and service! I had been suffering from chronic low back pain and hip problems for years and had seen numerous physical therapists and was not getting any relief. My back would “go out” 3x per year and I would have shooting pain upon waking. After the 1st month on my plan from the Doctors of Physical Therapy my shooting pain went away, and I am now able to exercise and do my daily activities without discomfort! I am SO happy I found them and am continuing to see them once a month ongoing to keep my body in top shape!”

– Katherine H. (low back/hip pain)

Katherine H. at DPT Scottsdale, AZ
Joey B. at DPT Scottsdale, AZ

“I have received physical therapy from many different providers over the years and I can say DPT is BY FAR the best yet. Most recently I found DPT after receiving treatment from two other local physical therapy clinics that could not get to the root of my problem. I struggled for nearly 1.5 years with knee pain and hip tightness. I could not squat, lunge, run, or walk up stairs without significant pain. The staff were all very welcoming and EXTREMELY knowledgeable. At DPT you are seen 1 on 1 with your Therapist which I found very helpful. Changes or additions to my treatment plan took seconds instead of days or weeks. I also received follow-up phone calls between visits to ensure no treatment adjustments needed to be made. I would HIGHLY recommend The Doctors of Physical Therapy. Upon completion of my treatment I can once again barbell squat below parallel, run 10+ miles at a time, and hike… all without any pain or discomfort!

– Joey B. (hip/knee pain)

Our 5-star Google Reviews

Courtney Kelm

“DPT has improved my quality of life and activity tolerance. The staff are passionate, kind, knowledgeable, and professional. Prior to starting therapy, I had become “dependent” on the use of trigger point balls, deep massage with elbows, and over stretching. All of this would only give me temporary relief. Since starting treatment, I don’t obsessively need daily relief tools because I can hardly feel my pain. I am also able to Increase exercise without as much fear of aggravated the pain. I highly recommend them! Worth every penny spent!”