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We Help People Living with Back Pain Get Back to Doing What They Love WITHOUT Painkillers Or Surgery.

Are You Frustrated Because You Feel Like Nothing is Working?

Back pain can seriously slow you down and keep you from your active lifestyle. Just know that if you’re feeling limited by your pain, you’re not alone. More often than not, most people just want to know if their back pain is normal and what they can do about it.

You’ve probably tried a lot of different fixes by now, including things like stretching, massage, chiropractic, and maybe even some exercises that you’ve found online. The catch is, these can often lead to feeling frustrated by a lack of progress and giving up, leaving you defeated and deflated.

The good news is that you can get relief for your back pain and start on a path to getting your active lifestyle back.

Introduction: Understanding Back Pain & How Our Specialists Can Help

Back pain is one of the most common conditions among adults worldwide. More importantly, it can seriously impact your quality of life by stopping you from doing your favorite activities. This means constantly moving around and trying to get comfortable on the couch, dreading long car rides, and hesitating to pick things up from the ground – does any of this sound familiar?

Low back pain isn’t a single problem, but a combination of things that can add up to the pain that you feel. Understanding what those things are – and how to address them – is the best way to get relief and make progress with your back pain for the long term. The Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT) in Scottsdale is an all-in-one solution for your back pain that takes your history, current symptoms, and goals into account to help you get back to handling your favorite activities with ease. That means no more nagging aches when you’re getting up in the morning, canceled plans, or cutting your workouts short because of your back pain acting up.

Understanding Your Pain: Identifying Common Causes

Whether it’s occasional aches or debilitating pain, your back pain is something to take seriously. While the causes of back pain can be different for everyone, there are some typical causes of back pain that we see and help people with at The Doctors of Physical Therapy in Scottsdale.

Bulging Discs are a common cause of back pain that’s especially common and often involves pain in the buttock, hip, or thigh. You might notice this type of pain more while bending forward or slouching.

Herniated Discs are a more serious type of disc injury that can lead to severe buttock and leg pain, and even numbness or weakness in your leg. If you’re living with a herniated disc, it can completely take you out of your normal routine.

Arthritis is a common condition that contributes to back pain by wearing the cartilage in the joints of your back, causing stiffness and soreness. Starting a plan for arthritis early is key to slowing progression and feeling better.

Stenosis means narrowing of the space around the nerves in your back, which can lead to stiffness and nerve pain. While stenosis can be hard to live with, it’s very treatable with targeted exercise.

Sacroiliac Joint (SIJ) Pain occurs when there’s dysfunction at the SIJ, which can happen after an injury or pregnancy. If you’ve been struggling with low back and buttock pain that has been difficult to solve, it just might be SIJ pain.

Muscle Strains are common after a heavy lift gone wrong and can feel seriously painful at first. Without knowing which muscles are affected and how to target them, back pain due to a muscle strain can take a long time to recover from.

Muscle Imbalances can happen to anyone, but are especially common for those who do repetitive activities like running or lifting. With muscle imbalances, your back doesn’t get the support it needs and you can feel pain during even the most harmless activities.

Muscle Tightness can happen alongside muscle imbalances and often feel like a tense or locked up area of your back that just won’t go away. Knowing which muscles need to be worked can be a big barrier to recovery without expert help.

Muscle Weakness is often confused for muscle tightness because your muscles send similar signals to your brain. Constantly stretching your back without getting lasting relief? Muscle weakness might be playing a part.

Postural Tendencies are an often overlooked but staggeringly common cause of back pain, especially if you spend long hours working at your desk. Does slouching your shoulders all day or working on the couch sound relatable? It might be contributing to your back pain.

No matter what the cause of your back pain is, getting exceptional care from experts should be non-negotiable in your recovery.

Tailored Solutions From Our Back Pain Specialists In Scottsdale: Our Approach

When you’re living with back pain, every day can feel like a challenge that you’re not up to, and this can lead to a repeating cycle of pain and disappointment. But when you’ve got the right team and specialist in your corner, you can see the path to recovery more clearly and get meaningful relief from your back pain faster than ever before – that’s where we come in.

The Doctors of Physical Therapy in Scottsdale AZ are a team of leading back pain experts with extensive experience helping people like you get better using state of the art treatments, including:

The PHIX Approach

Your treatment plan will start with a complete analysis that looks at your body as a system, taking into account the most up-to-date medical research. By starting off on the right foot with a thorough exam, we can identify the root cause of your back pain and develop a plan to take you from painful and sedentary to healthy, active, and strong.

Shockwave Therapy

Your healing process can be accelerated using innovative treatments like shockwave therapy, which is an FDA-cleared therapy that stimulates your metabolism, enhances circulation, and assists your body’s natural healing process with the help of specialized energy waves. When paired with the right physical therapy plan for back pain, shockwave therapy can bring your recovery to a new level.

Personalized & Evidence-Based Care

Are you tired of cookie cutter treatments that don’t fit your needs and guru doctors that expect you to “just trust them”? We believe that your treatment should be as unique as you are, and every technique used in your treatment should be backed by the best evidence available.

That’s why our clients get relief from their back pain and achieve the results that they want!

On top of being trusted and experienced doctors of physical therapy, our team of experts has specialized knowledge in strength and conditioning, hiking, and even martial arts, to help you get back to doing what matters to you faster.

Need to see proof? Check out what our patients have to say about their experience at DPT in Scottsdale!

Client Testimonials

Katherine, Early 40’s

“I’m now happy to say that I’m pain free. I have no more shooting pain. I can get up in the morning, and I’m not stiff and uncomfortable. And I can do all my activities and keep up with my kids which is important.”

Doug, Late 40’s

“The balance that this has created is phenomenal. The Change in sleeping behaviors. The release that when I am in pain I can do stuff. We’ve traveled through Switzerland, through Italy in may. And that was one of my goals, I wanted to be able to walk around Italy with my wife for her 50th birthday…”

Teri, Late 40’s

“Living pain free really makes me feel like I’m not going to… like i have quality if life to live! Like I think I had reached a point in my life and thought, ‘Okay, maybe… maybe this is it. Maybe I just start aging now.’ And I feel really good, which I haven’t felt in a long time.”

Take the First Step Towards a Pain-Free Life

Making your back pain a thing of the past is an active process, not a passive one. By taking the first step in your recovery and reaching out to the experts at DPT, you’ll finally be able to see the path to success for your back pain clearly, know where to invest your energy, and get the lasting solutions you’ve been looking for.

One of the biggest reasons you’ll see success at DPT is that our team doesn’t try the same treatments over and over again hoping for different results. Instead, you’ll get dynamic treatments that adjust based on how you’re doing each day, your progress with treatment, and any changes to your activity goals.

Pain is normal, but living in pain is not normal. If you’re living with back pain, you can get immediate relief and start on the path to your recovery with the help of a team you can trust at DPT – we’ll be ready for you!


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