Physical Therapist for Private Healthcare Practice

How would you feel about seeing just 8 patients/day? Working with highly motivated 40-50 year old patients who all WANT to achieve outcomes important in their lives? And being around coworkers who genuinely LOVE coming in to work and being around each other?

Are you worried that you can’t give the absolute best care possible because you’re required to see 15-30 patients every day? 

Are you concerned or fearful that you’ve chosen the wrong profession, and worried about burnout? 

Are you frustrated because physical therapy as a profession is being forced into high volume and low quality?

Are you saddened or angered to see that big PT mills are watering down the profession you love, and subjecting your patients to poor care? 

Would you like to move away from palliative treatments and time-wasters like TENS, hot-packs, cold-packs, and ultrasound, and focus on real solutions? 

Would you be excited to get to act as a real “Doctor of Physical Therapy” and not someone who just does 15 minutes of manual treatment before passing people off to an aide or technician? 

We believe a “Doctor of Physical Therapy” is capable of so much more than the in-network system sets them up to be. Physical Therapy can be the best profession on earth when allowed to practice outside of network and corporate constraints. 

About The Doctors of Physical Therapy

We are a growing outpatient private physical therapy clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are well-established having been in business for over 5 years, and out of network the entire time. 

  • We believe in making our patients ‘raving fans’ of physical therapy, by showing them that they can get better, and we’re successful in accomplishing this over 90% of the time. 
  • We believe that PT should be FUN and engaging for the patient, the PT, and everyone involved. 
  • We believe in work-life balance, and don’t believe you should spend half of your life documenting 20+ visits a day. 
  • We are a team of A-players set on growing our way of practice into a much larger scale.
  • We believe in personal growth, constantly pushing ourselves to be better in our professions and our personal lives. 
  • We believe that we should form RELATIONSHIPS with our clients AND delivering high quality outcomes using evidence based practice (clinical experience, patient preference, and research).
  • We believe in making an impact on our patients’ lives and helping them and all their friends and family to “Live Life TODAY”

We help people 30+ to continue being active and independent without needing to rely on pain killers or surgery. We help people who’ve been through the wringer and have often been failed by treatments elsewhere. Over 80% of our clients have had failed PT regimens of care in the past, but go on to succeed with us. 

We’re a group of high-energy, positive people who are motivated by our mission of creating a warm and welcoming environment that our patients enjoy being a part of and where they can fully engage in their own healthcare. If you want to be part of something bigger and create meaningful changes in your patients’ lives, you’re in the right place. 

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We are looking for someone who: 

Loves to learn and grow and has a positive outlook on life. Someone who lives with enthusiasm and loves passing that along to others. 

Is able to communicate effectively with people from different backgrounds. 

Is good at building relationships with people. 

Is organized and able to prioritize projects and effective plans of care.  

Is willing and able to speak up when you see that something is not working, and you can anticipate the needs of others.

The Role

Ultimately, your job is to help us grow the clinic by delivering a service and result that is above and beyond anything our clients have experienced in healthcare. Your job is to help them make decisions about their care that will positively impact their lives and help them achieve the outcomes they want. 

Your responsibilities will include retaining our clients and delivering a level of service that results in referrals, make PT FUN! You will be able to create deep and meaningful relationships that go beyond clinical communication with our patients and maintain a high level of customer service and clinical care. This includes being able to communicate effectively to ensure that patients are active participants in their care and excited for the goals they’ve set for themselves. 

Tasks Required For Success

  • Communicate with patients so that they can confidently make decisions about the plan of care you suggest. 
  • Ensure patients achieve their clinical, health, and lifestyle goals (in the time frame you set). 
  • Communicate the value of our service and then deliver on that value. 
  • Ensure patients stay excited about coming to their appointments and remain committed to the treatment plan.
  • Provide a level of customer care that will make patients want to come back and tell their friends and family about us.
  • Demonstrate enough value during an initial consultation that a patient is excited to proceed with an evaluation. 
  • Ensure patients complete the full plan of care that helps them hit meaningful goals. 
  • Hold patients accountable to their plan and be able to communicate clearly when the plan will need to be changed. 
  • Ensure that clinical notes are kept up-to-date and accurate 
  • Participate in, contribute to, and help develop our in-house PT training program. 
  • Maintain a high level of commitment to personal growth and learning. 

What We Can Offer You

  • A drama-free TEAM-Based environment where everyone’s number one priority is patient satisfaction.
  • Ongoing support, mentoring, and training in the field of physical therapy, rehabilitative medicine, and strength and conditioning. 
  • An amazing environment with a team of wonderful and supportive staff – as well as very friendly customers.
  • Opportunity to develop and grow in a team that is value-driven and strongly encourages personality-based service.
  • Competitive pay with a chance to earn more as we grow from your impact.
  • A chance to make a real, meaningful impact on your patients’ lives and wellbeing.

This is a full-time position in Scottsdale, AZ. 

If You Are Interested And Think You Would Be A Great Fit For Our Growing Company, Your Next Step Is To Fill Out The Form Below. After You Have Filled It Out You Will Receive An Email With Your Next Steps.