We’re Hiring For A Marketing Assistant

IMPORTANT: Read this section prior to reading the job description. It has an important message should you choose to apply…

Applications will ONLY be considered for those who fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Once you have submitted the form, an email will come to you within 5 minutes. You MUST check your email, including your promotions/spam folder for “Next Steps.” Unless these steps are completed within 24 hours, your application will not be considered or followed up on. Due to the high demand for this role, we will only be considering 15 applications that accurately complete the first step. 


Do you have what it takes to be a part of a team that’s seeking to disrupt the healthcare industry?

If you have a passion for marketing, and an obsession with the idea of being able to impact people’s lives read on. 

Do you want to work closely with a marketing-focused CEO who implements the direct response marketing tactics and strategies taught by the marketing legends such as Dan Kennedy? 

Being a part of our company means you’re driven to get the best out of yourself, and those around you. It means you’re laser focused on getting better, & leveling up. 

If that’s you, and you have experience in the following, I invite you to read on. 

Skills required: 

  • You must have basic writing and editing skills. 
  • You must be confident that you understand and can work with content that talks about health, movement, exercise and active lifestyles. 
  • You must be adept at navigating facebook, instagram, and other types of social media. 
  • You need to understand how to organize and edit blogs, keywords, headers, subheaders. 
  • You’ll need to be skilled at the use of indesign, or canva, to produce in-house marketing materials for promotions. 
  • You need to know the basics and have experience using a CRM software. 

Tasks may include: 

  • Posting blogs on wordpress
  • Getting our podcast published, posted on social
  • Getting our podcast transcribed and using the content in social, blogs, and other media. 
  • Basic video editing. 
  • Putting together a monthly newsletter to send out to our client list. 
  • Communicating well with other members of our team to measure the effects and results of our marketing efforts. 
  • Putting together reports that allow us to analyze our marketing effectiveness and make adjustments. 

You must be a self-starter who has the strong ability to “figure it out” and a willingness to balance doing it well, with doing it efficiently. 

You need the ability to organize your schedule in a way that allows you to be effective (prioritize). 

You must love people, and have a strong desire to help them. 

You must be a high performer with a strong desire to improve. You need to like accountability, and be hungry for coaching on how to continue to get better. 

If this is you, and you’re excited by the prospect of driving growth in a small business, with the chance to redefine an industry, we have the role you’ve been dreaming about. 

About Us:

We are one of the nations’ top physical therapy clinics. In just 4 years the owner has built this clinic after moving to Arizona with zero connections, and two partners who later left. Our clinic defies the traditional model of healthcare. We stand firmly against low quality and low standards. 

We believe in helping people get back to the things that matter most in their lives. We are a group of driven individuals who want to add high quality A-players to our team who value results and outcomes. 

About You: 

Your role will require you to develop a deep understanding of our target market. A 35-55y/o female who wants to avoid surgery, and get back to an active lifestyle. 

You’re likely bothered by inferior results, and driven to find solutions to problems. 

You’re a self-starter who doesn’t need to be told precisely how to do everything, and can figure things out quickly, in fact you enjoy it. 

You LOVE MARKETING and want to broaden your experience and skills.

You want to work in a fast-paced, NO-DRAMA environment, where negativity is NOT tolerated. 

You Want to work at a company where they can implement all aspects of marketing, including online and offline campaigns, CRM implementation, list building, social media marketing, print production and more. 

You are extremely detail-oriented and appreciate people who take an organized, systematic approach to achieving success. 

You invest heavily in yourself, and have a serious desire to grow. 

You want a position that will offer upward earning and career advancement; we want people who are interested in growth, learning, and becoming part of our team long term. 

What We’ll Do For You: 

You will have access to hours of additional materials taught by experienced and successful direct response marketers. 

You will have ongoing training and support in the field of marketing and advertising from a marketing-driven CEO. 

You will be a part of a team who thrives on being held to high expectations and standards. 

Hours: Part time or full time

Pay: Internship or paid

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

To apply fill out the form below and follow the instructions sent to your email.

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