Lasting Solutions to Back Pain and Sciatica

Is back pain keeping you or someone you know from enjoying the beautiful AZ outdoors?

Dr. Tom Padilla will be holding a back pain workshop virtually in a webinar.

During this webinar we will cover:

  • Why back pain is so frustrating to solve for the long-term.
  • Why Doesn’t stretching work?
  • Why massage and foam rolling help, but only temporarily.
  • Why Chiropractic care doesn’t seem to hold.
  • Where back pain comes from, and how that’s different from the root cause.
  • What recent evidence suggests is the real long-term solution.

This solution has hundreds of people living pain-free, active lifestyles!

Date of Webinar: April 29, 2021

Time: 7:00 PM MST

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About Dr. Tom: 

Before becoming a physical therapist, Dr. Tom spent years as a personal trainer. He is passionate about merging the worlds of rehabilitation, and ‘fitness & wellness’ to help people return to living their best lives. This is what influenced his decision to go to the #1 ranked Physical Therapy school in the US, The University of Southern California, where he received awards for The Order of the Golden Cane, and the Order of Arete. He has his sights set on improving the standard of care that people can expect, and helping them return to active, meaningful lives.

Dr. Tom has spent years perfecting the treatment techniques offered by DPT. He now works extensively with his team, passing on these treatment techniques, and ensuring that DPT remains a leader in quality physical therapy. DPT has become the ‘go-to’ clinic in Arizona for people aged 30+ who are wanting to get back to active lifestyles.