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Katherine is a working mother, and a wife, among many other things. She has a lot to juggle in her day to day routine, and a family to keep on schedule. She LOVES to hike, travel, and play with her children. Throughout her adult life she had experienced some form of back pain, on and off for years. It would come and go, and she never thought much of it. That is until one day, the PAIN became so severe she couldn’t walk, stand up straight, or bend over to pick up one of the many things left on the ground by her children. She was going to a physical therapist for 3 months, and it simply wasn’t getting any better. She knew that she had to try something different, and started seeking referrals. 

She was referred to us by another doctor, and during that first meeting it became clear that we would be able to offer Katherine a solution. Not only would the solution fix her pain, but ultimately it would result in her getting her life back. A life where she could lift her son, travel the world with her husband, and get back a life where she could focus on LIVING, and not on pain. 

The plan was simple, and it’s a plan that many of our patients go on. We were able to identify key stabilizer muscles that were NOT working appropriately along her spine and hip. These muscles have been shown to be inactive in upwards of 80% of people with chronic low back pain. We developed a plan to use a specialized stability protocol to reactivate and strengthen these muscles. Katherine was on board. Within 2 weeks she was waking up WITHOUT pain, and able to sleep better through the night. She was able to clean her house with minimal discomfort, and no longer had any tingling, or shooting pain. Within 2 months she was pain free. From there we began working on getting her BACK to the gym, hiking, and re-building the muscle she felt like she had lost. Along the way she had some instances of minor tweaks or irritations, but she was able to address them IMMEDIATELY, and she no longer fears that she’s not going to be able to fix it. 

Ultimately Katherine has been able to get back to DOING all of the things that she wants out of her life. She is on a strength program to keep getting stronger and stronger, to further distance herself from any potential injury. She plays with her son, travels with her husband, works without pain, and lives a life she loves. 

If you’ve been suffering with pain, and you’re lost as to finding a solution, that’s normal. There’s A LOT of information out there about who to go to, and a lot of people competing for your business. You want to be able to be confident in your decision to work with someone to FIX your pain because your time and money is valuable. That is why we offer a free discovery visit to those who qualify. 

Who is the free discovery visit for? 

It’s for people who want to learn more about our stability protocol, and how working with us is completely different than any treatment you’ve been to in the past. 

It’s for people who have just a few more questions to ask before they get started. 

If you want to see if you qualify for a free discovery visit, just click the button below and fill out the short form.

Click Here To See If You Qualify For A Free Visit