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Read on to learn about a few others who were held back by knee pain, until they started working with us!

Annie is a 30-year-old with a history of ACL repairs in both knees. She was told she had early-onset arthritis because of her past surgeries, and would never run without knee pain again. When she came in to see us, she was starting to have more and more knee discomfort with hiking and 5K road races. It was worrying her because she didn’t want it to get worse to the point that she’d have to stop running and hiking completely – she wasn’t ready to feel old! At our first session, we discussed why running and hiking mean so much to her, and started on a plan to get her back to those things as soon as possible. We worked on mobility of her ankles and strength at her hips, then progressively had her start jumping, jogging, and then running. About 2 months after we started working together, she ran her fastest 5K in over 2 years! She’s gotten back to hiking and obstacle course racing without any more issues. 

James came to see us with knee pain after seeing several other physical therapists with whom he had limited success. His knee started hurting for no particular reason about 2 years earlier, and progressively got worse – eventually keeping him from squatting, deadlifting and running. He felt like he was so limited at such a young age, and not only in his exercise routine, but also in his training as a firefighter. It was embarrassing not to be able to do the same things other guys his age or younger were doing every day. During his initial session, we traced his issue back to differences in hip strength from right to left, that were leading to some extra strain on his knee. Instead of just stretching and foam rolling, we systematically and progressively added exercises to his repertoire. Today he’s back squatting and deadlifting with his coworkers and friends!

Tina is a mid-50s mom of 3 who scheduled with us to address intermittent left knee and thigh pain. She had been in several exercise classes years before, where she felt like she just didn’t move comfortably. She had been told she ‘squats wrong’, which led her to stop doing squats altogether. She was nervous about doing a hiking trip the following summer and wasn’t even sure if she’d be able to complete it. We started working on movement patterns to unload her knee, before progressively re-loading it with strength and stability exercise. She’s no longer afraid of hiking, and feels like she can do a normal squat. Tina has gained confidence in her movement and created even more challenging goals for herself. 

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