Celebrate Movement Freedom With DPT’s… 

100 Massage Giveaway!
This RISK FREE Deal Ends July 5th

Join us in Celebrating your independence, our move to our new space, and bringing on our second massage therapist, Jenn. Try out her deep tissue massage and gain movement freedom ENTIRELY RISK FREE.

Have you or a loved one experienced: 

  • A recent loss of mobility, or freedom of movement?
  • Stiffness that comes and goes but is becoming more frequent?
  • Increased stress being “carried” in your neck or back? 

Massage at DPT is Just What The Doctor Ordered! Jenn has a 4 month wait-list where she is coming from and I’m confident soon it will be the same here. It might also help you to know she is the one that our other massage therapist Madi goes to when she needs work done! I’m so confident that I can offer you a 100% money-back guarantee on our packages. 

That means if you purchase one of these packages and do not absolutely LOVE your massage, we will refund your entire purchase and you do not have to complete your package. 

  • At DPT your massage therapist and healthcare team communicate directly to get you faster relief from aches and stiffness.  
  • Improve your range of motion.
  • Reduce stress and improve relaxation.
  • Detect injuries, and heal them before they get in the way of enjoying your summer.
  • Improve recovery from exercise, and the heat.

Our goal is to help you live your life, without fearing that injury is always waiting right around the corner. We want you to live with the confidence that you can do the activities you enjoy without risking injury, and that if something does happen, you’ve got a team behind you that will work to get you back in the game quickly. 

Let us help you be free from pain…we’re giving away 100 free massages. 

1 FREE massage with the purchase of 3! (4 total) …(Save $139)

2 FREE massages with the purchase of 4! (6 total)…(Save $278)

3 FREE massages with the purchase of 9! (12 total)…(Save $417)

HOW TO CLAIM: Fill out the form below on which package you would like to reserve and you will be directed to a check-out page.

Have Questions? See the FAQ section at the bottom of the page or call us at 480-482-0651 for more information. 

Hurry! These forms will stop working once 100 massages have been claimed or on July 5th, whichever comes first!

Fill out the form below with your desired deal and reserve your Independence Day Sale package special!


Is there a time-limit on use? Yes, for massage to be most effective, a rhythm or routine is recommended. That routine can be discussed with our massage therapist. 

How long are the massages? This offer is good for our 55 minute, and 85 minute sessions. 

Will the massage therapist know my history? Any medical history you’ve shared with DPT will be accessible by your massage therapist. 

How do I schedule? You call us or we’ll call you! A quick 5-10 minute phone call with our staff to gather helpful information so that our massage therapist can best prepare.