Open Enrollment 2023 At DPT: Act Fast, Just 30 Spots!

(Specials Available for PT, Massage, & Regenerative Therapies)

October 23rd-27th 2023

Have you considered “how much life is left in your years?”

Will your quality of life run out before your time does?

To “hope not” is one thing…but to take actionable steps to make certain of it, is another.

Will you be able to continue traveling? Wrestle with your kids, and beat them at sports? Keep active like the older adults you look up to? Let’s make it happen.

One of the best things you can do to ensure you stay mentally and physically sharp is keep active and healthy. We’re learning a lot in medicine right now about how being REACTIVE, instead of PROACTIVE has made us into a society that becomes increasingly reliant on medications and surgeries. This is about not being one of those statistics.

Despite all of our medical advances, we’re living in a time where healthcare is becoming more about keeping people alive, than it is about keeping them healthy. The question is “What good is living longer if you’re unable to enjoy it?” We’re here to help you make sure you can. 

This year, you may have had some road blocks when it came to being able to be consistent with your healthy habits. 

The main reasons people report being inconsistent are: 

  • “I had a nagging injury that I had to stop activity for.”
  • “I was feeling good, so I let it slip as a priority.”
  • “I just got plain busy with life, and let it slide. “

Open enrollment is about helping you keep active, avoid getting slowed down by aches and pains, and keep you enjoying being active all YEAR round, without sitting on the sidelines. Nobody’s perfect, and we’re not saying we can make you perfect, but we can help keep you from completely going off the rails. Everyone needs a little help being accountable sometimes, even the world’s greatest athletes require accountability to be the best.

One of the reasons it’s hard to be consistent because it’s easy to get confused by inconsistent information – whether it be from health officials, or friends and family. What is the right form of exercise to reach your goals? How heavy should you lift? What about types of cardio? What about this new diet trend? 

You have access to TONS of information, including misinformation! It’s difficult to sift through the weeds. The best thing to do is have a trusted source helping you use the right information  to take control of your own health,  that’s where we come in. 

Think about it like this…Going about it on your own would be a lot like if you were in a court case and you defended yourself without the help of an attorney. Sure, you might be able to pull it off, but do you really have that kind of time to develop the expertise? In this case, your body would be your prison! Think of us as your shortcut and “get out of jail free” card. 

The cornerstones of good health are: good nutrition, stress management, an exercise program, and good sleep. Good habits in these areas increase the quality of your life, and the number of years of quality you have left. 

Sign up to work with our team during open enrollment and make a commitment to yourself, that 2024 will be a year of small improvements and changes, that can lead to dramatic results. After all, the real problem isn’t what you’re NOT doing, it’s that you don’t have the habits required to do those things.

Our team will hold you accountable, and guide you with making better decisions about your exercise, nutrition, sleep, and stress. Working with us will help you build your habits around maintaining your active, healthy lifestyle and help you avoid serious long term consequences like unnecessary surgeries, or having to rely on others to take care of you in old age. 

Here’s what’s been said by some clients that we’ve worked with beyond their initial plan of care to get them out of pain. 

The Doctors of Physical Therapy are simply the best physical therapy team in Scottsdale. I’ve been to some other physical therapist over my many decades, but DPT has proven to be the best in getting back in shape and performing better than before. They’re simply amazing. I came to them the first week of December on a leg/knee I couldn’t walk on and now in January I’m doing box jumps and single leg Roman deadlifts with weights.

~ Brian

“I have a really active lifestyle, I’m a grandmother, a teacher and I didn’t want to pain to get in the way of it. When I saw that DPT was offering EMTT, I looked into the science of it and decided to try it out. I can say that immediately after my first session with EMTT there was results, I had a lot more range of movement and much more comfortable. Why wouldn’t I do this? I wish I knew about it sooner and would recommend it to EVERYONE.”

~ Janet

“Dain is the reason I keep coming back to DPT!  He is able to provide a massage experience that is relaxing, therapeutic and effective.  He is extremely skilled and knowledgeable in his practice.  By seeming Dain on a bi-weekly basis for massage, I have been able to avoid the tightness, aches and pains that would typically creep up for me due to tension and repetitive stress.  He is the best!”

~ Maria

If you took a moment to read over the testimonials you’ll see that they have a lot in common. These people have experienced benefits that go far beyond their expectations for “physical therapy.” 

They look forward to doing more than seemed possible.  

They are able to take advantage of travel. 

They are able to keep up with their kids, and grandkids. 

They no longer have to worry about what to do if something starts to limit them. 



*If you are already a P3 member we have a bonus offer for you, just ask when you call!*

There are only 30 spots available & they go quickly every year. 

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Can I Share With My Spouse or Kids? Yes, you can share either package with your family. Treating multiple generations within the same family is one of the BEST parts of what we do. (Here’s a picture of one such family, we were seeing 3 generations all at once!) 

Do They Expire? These sessions are intended to be used to help you maintain feeling great, or take yourself to the next level. We encourage you to use them to set a plan, where you’ll work with us on at least a monthly basis. That being said – These sessions will expire in 18 months, and a remaining balance will not be refundable. Ultimately if you take one of these slots, that means someone else doesn’t get it.  You are committing to yourself, and so are we!

Can I Use HSA or FSA Accounts? Yes, that’s your money for your health! 

Can I Buy More Than One? Only if there will be multiple people using the package. 

Have a question we didn’t answer? We’re just a call away at 480-482-0651!