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Have you tried to fix it multiple times, but you’re feeling let down? We can help.

Does it go away for a while after each new thing you try, but seems to keep coming back? Sometimes it’s just a little nagging sensation, other times it’s worse than it ever has been…

Don’t give up on doing the activities you love over problems that can be fixed. We’ve created this e-book just for you.

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Has your back pain pain started creeping its’ way into other parts of your body?

It can have many names: sciatica, SIJ dysfunction, stenosis, bulging discs, spasms, strains, the list goes on…

For many it’s the hips or buttock area. For others it shoots down the thigh, and sometimes all the way to the foot.

At this point people have typically been to their MD and the answer is typically pills and/or an x-ray. As strange as it sounds, some people find themselves oddly hoping that the x-ray will return some news, so that they can at least have an answer. Most likely these come back negative, or you’ll be told you have “degeneration or bulging discs.” The recommendation is typically to rest, take pills, and don’t pick up anything heavy for 6 weeks. 

Both Alexis And Allan Had Been To Other Doctors Before Coming To DPT. Click The Videos Below To Hear What They Had To Say About Working With Us

For the majority of people we see, the most frustrating part about all of this is that they’re actively trying to do something about their back pain so they can be healthy and active.

You have likely considered some of the following:

  • Chiropractor
  • Massage Therapist
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Stretch Therapist
  • Personal Training
  • Acupuncture
  • Even Physical Therapy!

Do Any Of These Things Sound Familiar? Then Here’s The Good News…

You already know what doesn’t work.

That’s why you’re here looking for a solution that’s different than something you’ve already tried. After helping thousands of people just like you, we can say with confidence that our approach is different than anything you’ve tried before, even if you’ve already been to physical therapy. We don’t just claim this, it’s what our patients tell us after they’ve been to 5, 10, sometimes 15 or more other doctors.

We understand with a claim like that, you may have questions. Simply click the button below and fill out our short form and we will speak with you shortly.

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Is It Possible To Get Rid Of My Back Pain Completely?

  1. Yes, our approach works for all types of back pain including: muscular strain; SIJ dysfunction; low back pain with sciatica, low back pain with hip pain, low back pain with shoulder pain.
  2. The key to fixing your back pain for good is not hidden in fancy equipment or machines. You can ease your back pain completely using mobility tools and your own body’s movements.
  3. The movements aren’t just “core exercises” even though these are a part of it. Our experts guide our patients through a series of stages designed to fix muscle firing patterns. We call it our “5-step approach.
  4. Not only can you get rid of your back pain, you can be confident that you can be as active as you want without being afraid it’s going to come back worse than ever.
  5. We work hand in hand with fitness professionals to ensure that you have a way to get back to full health and stay there, while getting even stronger and further from pain.
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What Can I Do Right Now To Start Getting Rid Of The Pain?

  1. Act now. Waiting will only get you one of two places. The pain will either start to go away, so you’ll figure you don’t need to get it fixed, or it will get worse. Waiting until the pain going away doesn’t sound so bad until you consider that you’re just waiting for it to come back again without fixing the issue in the first place.
  2. Stay moving. Try not to be in any one position without adjusting at least every 10-15 minutes. This can be standing from sitting, taking a short walk, or just wiggling around a bit.
  3. Start working with one of our experts. We can make changes within the first couple of sessions that will make you upset that it took you so long to find us.

Enlisting us to help you will mean that you have quality doctors on your team who have a track record of helping people solve chronic back pain. You’ll sleep better, move with less pain, and have the confidence that years from now you won’t be considering stronger pills or risking surgery. Just click the button below to see what availability we have by filling out our short form.

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