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How To Get Rid Of Nagging Knee Pain Without Surgery, Without Painful Injections, Without Painkillers, And Without Wearing A Brace.

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Knee pain is one of the most common injuries that gets treated incorrectly.

The first strategy that people use is to typically ignore it and hope it goes away the next day. This might work for the first few rounds of knee pain, but gradually it comes on more frequently and starts sticking around for longer periods of time.

By the time people are frustrated with their knee pain enough to go to their doctor, they’re usually having issues with stairs, getting up, sitting down, walking downhill, or even when they’re sleeping.

Is Any Of This Sounding Familiar?

One scenario we see a lot in our clinic is that someone has waited to address their knee pain, and then when they go to the MD they’re given anti-inflammatory medication and a prescription for an x-ray that doesn’t show much, so the doctor tells them just to rest it.

The more unfortunate scenario that we see in our clinic is people who have been given no other option except surgery to “clean up” their knee. I say this scenario is unfortunate because it has been shown in studies that physical therapy is just as, or maybe more effective at finding a long term solution for knee pain caused by meniscus irritation.

When you take into consideration that removing the meniscus also causes increased movement in the joint and can accelerate arthritis, and lead to knee replacements, you really start to get the full picture.

Has Any Of This Happened To You?

People are often confused about what is actually the cause of their knee pain, and it’s not their fault. They think that they must have banged it on something, or twisted it oddly. They’ve gotten a lot of different opinions from people, and maybe even the internet, but the problem is that this information is not always credible.

The most important thing to understand about the knee is that it’s a hinge joint. It swings in two directions, just like a door. There’s not a lot of room for error. More often than not, when injury occurs at the knee is is almost always because of something happening at the hip or ankle and foot.

When people get into the position where they have a lot of competing opinions about what’s causing their pain, they often shut down and give up trying to find a lasting solution because they do not want to make another wrong decision about where to get help and they’re exhausted from searching.

Have You Felt Like This?

If You’re Currently Living With Knee Pain, Here Are More Reasons You’ve Been Dealing With It Longer Than You Need To

  1. You’ve tried ignoring it. This strategy may have worked in the past but it’s become more frequent and intense. 
  2. You may have tried picking up a knee brace from the pharmacy, but the brace only seems to provide comfort, not much support and the pain is still there the next day.
  3. You went to the doctor, who ordered x-rays and gave you painkillers or anti-inflammatory medications. These things seemed to help for a time, but as soon as they wore off, the pain came right back. 
  4. You may have been recommended to surgery and you’re trying to avoid it.
  5. You may have already had knee surgery to “clean it up” but are disappointed that the pain is still there. 
  6. You might go back and forth between accepted it as an “age thing” since everyone seems to have it.
  7. You’ve tried resting, ice, heat
  8. You may have tried seeking help from physical therapists, massage therapists or others in the past, but nothing seemed to have lasting effects.
  9. You might have looked up some exercises on YouTube to try, but it felt painful when you did them. 

Do Any Of These Things Sound Familiar?

Here’s the good news. If any or all of those things sound familiar then you already know what doesn’t work.

We would love to help you get to the bottom of your back pain, not just for this episode of pain, but a longer lasting solution that has helped hundreds if not thousands of people put an end to their recurrent back pain.

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What Can I Do To Get Rid Of My Knee Pain Completely?

  1. You need to make a decision about getting help from the right people. The longer you wait, your body starts to develop compensations to avoid the pain. You may have noticed your leg giving out or feeling like you’re leaning to one side when you walk. You may have thought you found the right people in the past, and so you’re frustrated that you’re searching yet again. That’s ok. Check out our reviews from people we’ve worked with, don’t just take our word for it!

2. You need guidance on doing the correct exercises at each stage of recovery. People who go to places and are given 10 or 20 exercises never know which of the exercises are helping or hurting, and they don’t have time to do 10-20 exercises a day so they just give up. Evaluation by a professional can ensure that you get the right exercises at each stage of recovery, to guide you to complete recovery without it coming back.

3. Avoid sitting around and doing nothing. This makes your joints and muscles stiff which only makes your knee injury last longer. This is especially true if you have a habit of sitting with your knees bent or twisted beneath you.

4. Work with the right physical therapist. At DPT we work with our patients to make lasting changes that you actually understand how they work! This enables you to be able to quickly take care of any recurrence of the issue in the future and allows you to see that you don’t need surgery and there’s nothing to fear.

If you would like to know more about our approach to back pain and how it’s likely different than anything you’ve tried in the past, apply for a free 30 minute consultation. We offer just 4 per month so act quickly! Click the button below to fill out a contact form and we will reach out to schedule your consultation.

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How Can Working With DPT Help You Put An End To Frustrating Knee Pain For Good?

  1. Most of the time it only takes a couple of sessions to make an impact on your discomfort.

2. We help you figure out why knee pain keeps coming back and how you can keep it away for good this time.

3. Fixing your knee pain correctly means avoiding arthritis and potential knee replacement surgery years down the road.

4. Fixing your knee pain means you can be more active, which can reduce your overall stress and get you back to being yourself!

5. By working together to fix your knee pain, you can take fewer pills which means you’ll have healthier organs, body, and mind.

6. You won’t have to decline invitations to do fun things with friends or family because you’re afraid of hurting your knee or not being able to keep up.

What we really want is to help you get back to your life. We can do that by giving you the right tools at the right time during your healing process. Our goal is to make certain that your results are lasting, and that you won’t have to search for a good doctor to fix your physical pain ever again.

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