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It’s very common to fall into the trap of thinking you’re going to wake up tomorrow and your shoulder pain is just going to magically be gone. By the time people come around to getting it looked at it’s typically been a couple of months or longer and has started to disrupt their sleep.

When your sleep is disrupted, you’re exhausted throughout the day and you may find yourself needing a little extra caffeine to make it through the day. You might also find that your interactions with others just lack energy.

Usually the first things that we give up are our activities. Whether it’s a certain way that we like to work out, or a hobby we have, that’s usually the first to go.

At some point it gets bad enough to call the doctor, typically the MD. This usually starts off a series of anti-inflammatory medications, x-rays, and other hoops to jump through without any real answers as to the cause of the pain and a long term plan.

For some, the pain may go away after the first round of medications and they live happily until it happens again. For others, it doesn’t work and they’re given the option of cortisone injections which can damage the tendons and ligaments. Still others are recommended to surgery, even when there’s no certainty given that the surgery will fix their pain.

Many people will go down the surgical route, while others will start to seek help from massage therapists, acupuncturists, physical therapists, and a variety of other practitioners because surgery is simply not an option for them.

Is Any Of This Sounding Familiar?

For some, these treatments will work, for others these treatments may only provide temporary relief and their issues seem to become more and more frequent.

A perfect example of that is our friend Michael, who absolutely LOVED working out and lifting weights. By the time he came to us he had been to multiple physical therapists and other practitioners, and had surgery that did not fix his issue.

We were lucky, and so was Michael, that he decided to give PT one more shot even though he had been to 3 other physical therapy centers in the past with no results.

Now, not everyone has goals of lifting super heavy weights, but the beautiful thing about the body you’re in, is whether you want to lift a bunch of weight, run, golf, or hike, your body moves just like other people who do those things! When it doesn’t move like it should, that’s when injury happens.

If you’re still experiencing shoulder pain and it’s been more than a couple of weeks, you’ve probably tried a number of different things.

Do Any Of These Things Sound Familiar?

  1. Ignore it and it will go away.
  2. Stretch your chest and shoulders.
  3. Accepted it as an “age thing.”
  4. Decided to just live with it until you need surgery.
  5. Resting.
  6. Taking anti-inflammatory medication or painkillers.
  7. Cortisone injections.
  8. Ice or Heat

Here’s the good news. If any or all of those things sound familiar then you already know what doesn’t work.

We would love to help you figure out your shoulder pain, not just for this episode of pain, but a longer lasting solution that has helped hundreds if not thousands of people put an end to their shoulder issues.

We’d like to invite you for a consultation either over the phone or at our clinic. All you have to do is click the button below to fill out a contact form and we will be in touch soon.

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What Can I Do To Get Rid Of My Shoulder Pain Completely?

  1. The sooner you take action, the sooner it will get fixed. If you choose to wait, your body adapts to moving around the pain, and you develop more bad habits that take longer to fix. It’s understandable if you’re hesitant, you may have tried to fix it in the past and were disappointed with the results. You don’t have to take our word for it, watch our testimonial videos and read our reviews on Google, then give us a call.

2. You need the right exercises at the right stage of your recovery. If you’ve ever heard of a “PT mill” it’s where everyone with shoulder pain gets the same 10-20 exercises without any explanation given. Evaluation by a professional can ensure that you get the right exercises at each stage of recovery, to guide you to complete recovery without it coming back.

3. Avoid sleeping on your injured shoulder. It can cause inflammation that slowly builds up through the night. This is a tough habit to break, try this strategy. Roll up a hand towel and place it UNDERNEATH the fitted sheet on your bed to prevent yourself from rolling that direction. That way you can’t push the towel away during the night.

4. Work with the right physical therapist. At The Doctors of Physical Therapy we do not use any aides or technicians so your time is spent 1-on-1 with an expert the entire session. We pride ourselves on being able to take on complex shoulder pain issues, make long term changes, and help people get back to spending time with their friends and family.

If you would like to know more about our approach to shoulder pain and how it’s likely different than anything you’ve tried in the past, we are happy to offer 20 minute consultations for just $20. Click the button below to fill out a contact form and we will reach out to schedule your consultation.

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How Can Working With DPT Help You Put An End To Frustrating Shoulder Pain For Good?

  1. We typically make changes in your discomfort within the first couple of sessions.

2. We will help you understand why this issue keeps coming back, and how our approach truly works. We don’t just tell you you’re getting better, we prove it during the session.

3. Often reducing back pain means that you can sleep more peacefully, without being interrupted by back pain when you change positions. This often has great effects on your overall mood and energy level.

4. By working with you to fix your shoulder pain, we can help you avoid harmful injections, pills, and medications.

5. Fixing your shoulder pain correctly, means avoiding costly dangerous surgery years down the road.

6. You won’t have to worry if your shoulder will “hold up” when you’re invited to do fun things with friends and family. 

Essentially we want to help you get back to your life by giving you the right tools at the right time during your healing process. Our goal is to make certain that your results are lasting, and that you won’t have to search for a good doctor to fix your physical pain ever again.

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