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If you live near Scottsdale, AZ and are currently Googling the phrase “physical therapy near me,” then we’ve got some folks we think you should meet!

The Doctors of Physical Therapy is greater Phoenix’s premier resource for injury recovery and prevention. Led by Scottsdale physical therapist Dr. Tom Padilla, our experienced and compassionate team helps adults return to active lifestyles while reducing or eliminating the need for painkillers, surgery, and frustrating downtimes!

The Journey to Our Scottsdale Physical Therapy Clinic: A Patient’s Perspective

You know your body better than anyone. So, by the time you start looking for physical therapy near you, it’s safe to assume something’s not quite right.

Maybe you have:

  • Nagging shoulder pain, knee pain, neck pain, or back pain that hasn’t gotten better with rest or generalized “mobility apps”
  • Persistent discomfort that you’ve been able to “push through” at the gym—but now you’re starting to see a plateau in your fitness gains
  • An acute or chronic pain condition that keeps you up, wakes you up, drains your energy and focus, and makes even simple daily tasks difficult
  • A growing lack of confidence in your ability to do things you normally love, like hiking, golfing, and cycling

If you’re thinking about PT near me, you’re probably hurt. You’re probably frustrated. You’re also probably hopeful. And whether you’ve been in pain for weeks, months, years, or decades, your journey back to pain-free movement has ultimately led you right here, to our little corner of the internet. Welcome to DPT!

At The Doctors of Physical Therapy, We Do Things Differently

We also know that a lot of people rely on you to be at your best. That’s why we promise never to waste your time with run-of-the-mill exercises and impersonal treatment. Instead, we combine industry-leading modalities and techniques, our advanced training, and YOUR personal goals to optimize your recovery and get you truly excited about your health again!

Join a Community of Active, Like-Minded Adults: Call The Doctors Today!

Before they became a part of our community, all our patients had one simple question in their minds: Where is there quality physical therapy near me? They found it with us, and we’d love for you to join them!

Since opening our doors years ago, The Doctors of Physical Therapy has had the honor of connecting with so many wonderful, hard-working, and resilient adults who want meaningful, drug-free, and long-lasting solutions to their pain. Recognized by as The Best Physical Therapists in Scottsdale in two of the last three years, we’re proud to bring the best of what injury rehabilitation and prevention has to offer.

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