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At The Doctors of Physical Therapy, we help go-getters like you find freedom from the pain and dysfunction that’s been holding you back! Find out for yourself how our physical therapy team in North Scottsdale, AZ helps adults get more active, achieve their wellness and fitness goals, and avoid surgery and painkillers.

Less Pain. More Living. ASAP.

When you’re dealing with back pain, knee pain, sports injury, or any other acute or chronic condition, it’s hard not to hope for a fast solution. But you also have your long-term health to consider.
With our North Scottsdale physical therapists, you don’t have to cut corners just to feel better sooner. We excel at helping our patients find solutions that facilitate short-term relief and long-term success.

How? By:

  • Tackling root causes of dysfunction —so symptoms won’t keep coming back
  • Delivering research-backed services in private sessions, so every patient gets undivided attention from a provider who cares (We do not use any assistants.All care is delivered by specialists.)
  • Curating a personalized approach to care that is relevant to what YOU love to do—whether that’s running, weightlifting, CrossFit, golf, hiking, swimming, or even just playing in the yard with your kids, grandkids, and pets!
  • Modifying your services to help you make consistent progress at every stage of recovery

You are NOT your “diagnosis.” You’re YOU—and it’s our mission to help you express the healthiest, most energized version of that person!

We’ve heard from plenty of our clients that before finding our physical therapy clinic in North Scottsdale, they were treated impersonally by other health care providers. Whatever “diagnosis” was listed in their chart was the main lens through which their providers saw them.

That’s just not what you’ll get with us.

Yes, we’ll help you understand the health challenges you’re facing. Our board-certified doctors of PT in North Scottsdale are trained and licensed to diagnose a range of acute and chronic health conditions. But more importantly, we go beyond any diagnosis and help you learn WHY you’re experiencing pain and dysfunction.

After all, a diagnosis like “back pain” is often an effect, not a cause. Sure, your back hurts. But why? What’s driving that issue for you? What factors are at play—and how can we address them within the context of your body, mindset, and lifestyle?

By taking the time to really explore these questions with you, we’re able to ensure that the manual therapy, exercises, stretches, and modalities you receive are optimally designed for your relief and recovery.

Stop putting your health on the back burner. Stop relying on the medicine cabinet to mask your pain. Stop worrying about a surgery that might not have to happen. Start healing instead!

It’s easy to put yourself last when you’re taking care of everyone else. Give yourself the attention you give to others by teaming up with a knowledgeable North Scottsdale physical therapist who can help you put your pain behind you.

We promise to show up for you—as long as you show up for yourself, too!

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