What Are The Best Sciatica Exercises?

Have you found yourself moving around quite a bit because it’s painful for you to be in one position longer than 15 minutes or so?

Have you had pain or discomfort start to creep down from your back, to your hip, the upper, or lower leg?

If any of this sounds familiar it’s likely that you do have some form of sciatica.

Usually there’s no shortage of opinions from friends or family members on what you should do about it. A lot of people have had some sort of back pain or sciatica, so there’s plenty of “you should see my guy, my girl, or my doctor” going around.

Someone may have tried to show you their own sciatica exercises and they either didn’t seem to make it better, or even might have made it worse.

So much information about exercises for sciatica can often make it overwhelming to know which ones you should, or should not be doing. This might lead to someone becoming fearful of actually doing anything, so they get stuck in “research mode” and just keep looking for more and more information, which rarely helps the situation.

Is any of this sounding familiar?

If it is, then you know by now, that the right information is hard to come by.

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There’s a big problem with finding the right sciatica exercises. Do you know how many causes there are for sciatica? Sometimes it hurts worse when people stand, other times it’s worse when people sit. That’s enough information right there to tell you that not all sciatica acts the same. So if anyone tells you that they have THE exercises for sciatica, run for the hills.

The question is really which TYPE of sciatica you have. And if you’re already overwhelmed with the searching you’ve already done, trying to self diagnose is definitely going to overwhelm you.

Some Things You May Have Already Tried Include:

  • Massage
  • Chiropractic
  • Taking anti-inflammatory Medication
  • Google-ing “Core exercises” or “exercises for sciatica”
  • Ignoring it and hoping it goes away
  • Stretching your hips and legs
  • Accepting it as an aging thing
  • Physical Therapy with a therapist who sees you for 10 minutes
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Here’s the good news. If you’ve tried any or all of these and they haven’t worked, then you already know what doesn’t work.

Knowing what doesn’t work is half of the battle when it comes to finding the real, lasting solution to your sciatica.

We’d like to invite you for a consultation either over the phone or at our clinic with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. If you’re ready to see if we can help you finally get over your sciatica for good, just click the button below to fill out a contact form and we will be in touch soon.

What Sciatica Exercises Can I Do To Get Rid Of It Completely?

The faster you act the faster you’ll get over your sciatica. Nerves are really touchy, so the longer they stay aggravated, the longer it takes for them to calm down even once the stimulus is removed.

You need to get help from the right Doctor who understands the differences in your sciatica.
You need the right exercises for the right root cause of your sciatica.

You can see our Exercises For Sciatica post that shows some of the exercises you may be doing depending on the type of sciatica.

Avoid sitting around too much. Sitting too much can lead to getting stiff and having bones and muscles pinching on nerves. Movement helps to keep your circulation going which helps to reduce inflammation.

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Start paying attention to small discomforts. If you’re driving in your car and you feel strain in your body, move around a bit until you feel comfortable.
Still want more education on the issue? If you’re still determined to do more research you can check out our following posts:
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Why Will The Doctors of Physical Therapy Sciatica Exercises Help?

We typically make changes in your pain and discomfort within the first couple of sessions. Taking pressure off of the nerves in the right way is critical for the first stage of healing.
We will teach you exactly why this issue occurred in the first place, and keeps coming back.
We will show you ways to make sure that it does not come back.
The relief you get will help you sleep better at night because you’ll be in less pain, and less worried about surgery or needing pills.
You’ll start to feel like yourself again, and you won’t fear what might happen in the future with your sciatica.
You’ll be able to get back to the activities that make you, you!

We want to help you get back to the life you love. Not just throw some random “exercises for sciatica” at you and hope you get better. We’re professionals, and we’re as committed to getting you better as you are to getting back to your life without worry.

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