Has shoulder pain relief evaded you for months, or even years? Does your shoulder pain keep you awake at night? 

If you’ve had shoulder issues for awhile, you may have tried ice, heat, stretching, and popping some Ibuprofen. While these things can help temporarily, they’re not likely to completely address the issue and keep it away forever. 

While each person’s situation differs and the exact recipe to get you back to a life without shoulder pain is very individualized, there are a few proven things that can bring about shoulder pain relief quickly. 

  1. Open up the front of the chest

The shoulder joint is surrounded by lots of muscles. Each of these muscles plays a different role in either supporting or moving the arm. We find that many people have a lot of tension in the muscles in the front of the shoulder. If you ever feel like your shoulders are constantly pulled into a forward and rounded position, this might be you! Opening up the chest by rolling the shoulders back and stretching the chest can quickly reduce shoulder strain. Check out our shoulder mobility tips for more!

Need shoulder pain relief? Check out these tips!

     2. Move the arms

Movement can be a little scary if it tends to bring on your shoulder discomfort. However, our joints and muscles love movement, even if they feel a little stiff at first. Motion is lotion – getting your arms moving increases production of nutrient-filled fluid inside the joints and increases blood flow to the surrounding muscles. Finding the sweet spot of movement where we get this effect without fatiguing the muscles or overloading the joints is guaranteed to give you shoulder pain relief. Start with some gentle shoulder rolls and work your way up to small arm circles to get things moving.

      3. Strengthen the upper back

The upper and mid-back muscles are important for shoulder health. The lower trapezius, upper trapezius, and serratus anterior muscles help maintain optimal shoulder blade movement as you reach overhead. These can get neglected in our strength routines, however. Try out these exercises to ease shoulder pain the next time you’re at the gym, as well as the videos below. Don’t worry about adding a lot of weight to these – they should be challenging without weight if you’re honing in on the right movement!

Featured image: https://www.arthritis-health.com/blog/my-shoulder-pain-arthritis-or-bursitis

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Quadruped Push Plus

For more advanced shoulder strength options, you’ll want to check out DPT’s great shoulder health exercises. If you’re still having trouble, we’d love to find out how we can help. Give us a call today to speak to one of our shoulder experts!