This is the story of Katie an athlete in pain, unable to do what she loves.

Katie has been an athlete her entire life, when that was taken away she began working with DPT for pain in her back and hip after being referred by another Doctor she was seeing. Dr. Tom gained her trust by finding a solution for her pain, which no one before him was able to figure out. Once Katie completed her Plan of Care, she decided to continue to work with DPT because of the team investment. She states that DPT is invested in their client and in return, they expect the client to be invested in their Plan of Care and do their part.

As a lifelong athlete Katie refuses to give up that aspect of her life and with her history, she felt that DPT could also oversee her fitness plan based on her specific needs. One important aspect for Katie is that DPT looks at everything in a holistic way. So she continued with the Year of Care Program to continue with maintenance and performance. She loves how closely DPT is willing to work with her other doctors and give referrals whenever necessary. DPT is dedicated to working FOR you, WITH you.

The Doctors at DPT have  never guaranteed a perfect recovery for Katie, but together worked hard to get her where she wants to be. The Doctors never make presumptions about your care, and always start from square zero and evaluate you as whole. They will never go through the motions with you. “There’s 100 different ways to do it, you just have to find the right one”.

Any Hesitations?

Although Katie did not have any hesitation joining the P3 Program, she did have to evaluate the commitment. She has never felt that it doesn’t benefit her after 3 years of being a part of the Program! One thing she has really loved about DPT is that she feels like she would get an honest response if DPT couldn’t help or if someone ELSE could. DPT always has the best interest for their client first. She is continually setting new personal records for herself.

Within the P3 Program, Kate feels like she has gotten continual progress. When she first started she could not do ANYTHING physically and had to work incrementally from the ground up. She set goals, reached them; set more and reached those. She works with DPT to keep that growth going and stay on top of things. Some sessions she uses for mobility and training and other sessions she uses for other progression.

What Katie Values in DPT:

Katie feels like the most valuable aspect of the P3 Program is that she doesn’t have setbacks in activities. She hasn’t had to stop cycling, hiking, golfing, biking, etc. since coming on the P3 Program. She can be active everyday because of the holistic work done, strength progression with fitness and overall versatility. DPT has given her the peace of mind to live life everyday without concern of not being able to do what she loves. She is able to be an athlete again.

To other people who are considering P3, Katie would say the biggest thing to ask yourself is what do you want to accomplish. The P3 Program is an investment in yourself, which creates the DPT difference. The Doctors at DPT, don’t just help you pass an issue, they get you back to a better place. Katie believes that the P3 Program is to get the most of life and live life today. It is a lot of work, but at the end of the day it is a lot of fun! DPT truly helps you become the best you can be with people willing to invest with you.


If Katies story has resonated with you and are you are also looking not only maintain where you are at, but continue to grow stronger so you can continue to be an athlete and do what you love contact us today for more information on our Performance Programs.