When it comes to running one thing is certain. Runners will run. They will run in spite of pain, in spite of weather, and in spite of people recommending they stop due to injury. As a healthcare practitioner who loves to exercise, I find it disappointing that many individuals are told that the best cure to their aches and pains is to stop doing what they love to do. Additionally, there is a lack of resources discussing what these individuals can do in order to continue doing what they love. Thus they turn to blogs, online forums, and other people for advice. With the amount of information available it can be very hard to find a credible source. Much of the time the evidence for the advice is anecdotal at best and they continue having difficulties. This is why I have taken up the task of writing a book dedicated to injury prevention for runners. The book focuses on impairments, which are physical characteristics such as range of motion, strength, etc. that can contribute to becoming injured.

                  What you will not find in this book is advice on striking mechanics, fix-all footwear, or exercise nutrition. What you will find is an explanation of common injuries, how they occur, how to test yourself for being prone to injury, and how to address it. The self-tests are relatively simple to perform and the interventions are able to be done independently. This book will be available to order by request as well as having a few copies available at local running stores in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is my hope that by utilizing this book, fewer people have to decide between doing what they love and being pain-free. Be sure to look out for the book after July, 2017!

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