How DPT Helped Katherine Find a Solution for Her Back Pain!

Katherine came to DPT in 2018 after having back pain, back spasms, and pain in both her legs for about 5 years. As a mother of 2 and a Physicians Assistant, she relies on her mobility every day! Between work and home she spends her days on her feet. She is very active and very physical! However, her back would consistently ache when she woke up in the mornings. She was unable to workout, unable to pick up and play with her children. She came to DPT looking for a solution for her back pain.


Katherine had tried many things to reduce her back pain and find a solution. She tried multiple chiropractors, physical therapy, massages, stretching, and foam rolling. However, the pain would always come back. At times some activities would work temporarily. However, when she would try to squat her pain would set her back pain off and bring her back to square one.


Katherine was referred to DPT, she called and had her first assessment. After Day 1 she could see how different DPT was. DPT looks at the body head to toe. She started with 2 exercises to do 3 times a week and thought there was no way such few exercises would make a difference. However, she was diligent and noticed subtle changes in her pain levels. Then one day, her husband pointed out to her that she hadn’t been complaining about her back anymore!


Katherines Experience Finding A Healthcare Provider and Solution for her Back Pain:

Like most individuals, Katherine tried to see who her insurance would accept first. Insurance only allotted so much time. Each time she would go see her in network Physical Therapist, she was given the same exercises. Regardless of any improvements, her treatment was never adjusted. As a healthcare provider herself, she understand the limitations. However she believed she could find better treatment plans for her pain. Which is why she continued to search for a better provider to fit her, her goals, and her needs.


As a young mom, Katherine was having days where she truly did not know if she could be able to be active and hike again. As the weeks and months went by working with DPT, she noticed many improvements. She was no longer waking up with pain and was able to sleep comfortably all night. Most importantly, she was able to start playing with her kids and working out again. This gave her hope and drove her to continue on her treatment plan.


When you have setbacks, it is easy to get down. In those moments you have to remind yourself of the progress you have made. Think of the things you could not do when you started this journey and what you can do now! Then work tog et back on track. Although, there have been setbacks in Katherines journey, she was never back to square one. She now has the tools to get herself back on track.


Where Is She Now? Does she still experience back pain?

As a Physicians Assistant she understands the importance of making sure your patients understand the benefits of the treatment provided.  She is thankful for the doctors at DPT and the time they take to clearly explain the benefits of each exercise. The doctors explain the muscle groups that are needed to activate and how each exercise will help to reduce her pain and make corrections in her body. She was able to sit with the doctors to clearly identify her goals and expectations. When if she has setbacks they can quickly evaluate what changes needed to be made. It is important to have a good partnership with your doctors. Katherine has been extremely happy with her outcomes thanks to DPT and continues to see us!

Do you have a similar story and are still looking for a long term solution? Contact us today for more information on how we can help you get back to what you love!