Explore the intricacies of back pain alongside PhD Jo Armour Smith and Dr. Tom Padilla in a compelling interview that challenges conventional notions. Move beyond the common beliefs attributing back pain to weak cores or excessive sitting, as the discussion reveals its often-rooted connection to underlying movement issues.

Dr. Tom’s innovative approach involves a thorough assessment of movement problems and muscle imbalances, addressing core causes through a combination of manual therapy and personalized exercises. Backed by research, they highlight the significant impact of tight hip flexors, particularly when paired with weak glutes and hips, on spine support.

While acknowledging the role of prolonged sitting in exacerbating back pain, Dr. Tom and Jo stress that it’s not always the primary issue. The conversation advocates for a shift in focus from the quantity of movement to the quality of movement. Tailored treatments, designed to enhance mobility, flexibility, and target specific muscles, are positioned as more effective in providing superior spine support compared to generic core exercises.

The ultimate goal is sustainable pain relief. Dr. Tom and Jo aim to empower patients by imparting understanding and tools for self-management, going beyond mere symptom masking. This insightful dialogue reshapes perspectives on back pain, offering a transformative approach that allows individuals to take control of their well-being.

“Movement quality is a lot more important than movement quantity.”