The front rack position mobility work in this article pairs with our “Improve Your Front Rack Position – Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself” article. Please start there to identify if you have the need to use any of these techniques in order to improve your front rack position.

We will go joint by joint as outlined in the previous blog, starting with the wrist and working our way up through the shoulder and to the thoracic spine.

Front Rack Position Mobility: Wrist extension

Wrist extension requires mobility of both the muscles and the joints. If you had trouble getting to 60-75 degrees of extension follow this stretch and joint mobility exercise.


Stretch 3×30 seconds 2-3 times a day.

Joint Mobilizations: 1-2 minutes once a day and again before assuming the front rack position.

 Wrist extension stretch and joint mobilization

Front Rack Position Mobility: Forearm pronation

Again here we are dealing with both muscles and joints. If your pronation is lacking try some soft tissue work to your supinator and follow that up with some supinator stretching/joint mobilizations.


Soft tissue: 2-3 minutes every other day.

Stretch/mobilize 2x30s 1-2x/day

Soft tissue supinator and supinator stretch

Front Rack Position Mobility: Elbow Flexion

Issues with elbow flexion may have to do with your triceps musculature in the back but can also be in the capsule and ligaments that surround the elbow. Either way, this stretch will be helpful.


Stretch: 3x30s 2-3x/day

Soft Tissue and Stretch Triceps

Front Rack Position Mobility: Shoulder External Rotation

Here we are primarily concerned with the muscles of the posterior rotator cuff restricting movement. Follow along with these two videos.


Soft tissue: 3-5 minutes every other day

Post capsule stretch: 3x30s 1-3x/day.

Soft tissue post cuff

Stretch Posterior Capsule

Front Rack Position Mobility: Thoracic Extension

The limitations when it comes to thoracic extension can be both muscular and joint related. Follow these videos to mobilize your thoracic spine and stretch into extension.


Joint mobilization 2-3 minutes once a day

Thoracic extension stretch: 3x30s 1-2x/day

Thoracic joint mobilizations

Stretch Thoracic Extension

There you have it. The benefits of these mobility tips will likely extend far beyond your front rack. Over time this will reduce your chance for injury in addition to improving your ability to perform. If you’ve been dealing with mobility restrictions and/or pain for a long time and would like some help getting on track give us a call. We help athletes heal up and perform better every day and would be happy to work with you.

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