To be based in a gym with access to great personal trainers has been a great blessing for our patients, our therapists, and our trainers. This model allows for us to progress our patients beyond simply being functional and get them back to training and competing at a higher level with a seamless transition between physical therapy and higher-level activity. The ability of physical therapists and personal trainers to work together allows us to make sure our patients get back to what they really love to do at 100% of their capacity.

The model has shown itself to work well in both directions. A trainer has a patient with an issue they are not sure how to address, and they then can communicate this issue directly to the therapist. From there the therapist can either treat or offer direction and guidance to the trainer on working through the issue. This increases the trainer’s ability to progress their clients to their fitness goals without having to refer out with the fear of losing a client. In the other direction, it has allowed us to progress many of our patients from injured to healthy, and then from there they train to become even better than before they had become injured.

The value that the clients and patients receive from this model is clearly superior to the fragmented system that currently exists in physical rehabilitation. In the current system, once function is achieved many patients are left to “figure out” how to get to the next level and many PT companies are ill suited to take patients to higher levels. For this reason it is important when deciding where to go for physical therapy to look for a company that has the ability to address both your current situation, and the abilities that you hope to achieve. If you’re looking for great physical therapy in Scottsdale, AZ look no further!

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