“I’ve Had Back Pain Since Pregnancy, It Just Never Went Away, Is That Normal??”

Have you had back pain since being pregnant, or shortly after childbirth that seemed to just stick around? You’re not alone, in fact this is one of the first things that many of my clients tell me.  It can be frustrating for a lot of moms, because as their kids get older, they start to feel like they’re missing out on the full experience of being a mom. They can’t shoot hoops, run after them, lift them in the air, all because they’re constantly worried about their back. 


What if I told you that this is not normal, but it is very common? And that it’s very likely that there is a solution, you just haven’t found it yet? 

Some of the most common things that women try to help with this are: yoga, pilates, stretching, massage, foam rolling, chiropractic care, and exercising. They commonly report that while these things feel good at the time, they feel like they constantly have to keep moving to avoid getting stiff, tight, and uncomfortable. If that sounds like you, the most important thing to know is that these symptoms can be completely reversed, and you can get back to those things you want to do, we see it all the time. 


Our Client Katherine…

When our client Katherine first came to us in 2018, she had been struggling with back pain for 5 years. Before having kids, she doesn’t remember ever having back pain. Her back pain was especially worrisome, because in her words when her back went out “it was debilitating, like I could hardly walk at all let alone pick things up off of the ground. I felt like I couldn’t help my husband with the kids, and I felt guilty for that.” 


In addition to back pain, she had shooting pain down her legs. Before this she had been active, and in fairly good shape. She ate well and took care of herself, so she couldn’t understand why against all odds, she was the one with severe back pain. She had tried everything, but it just wasn’t in her to give up so she kept seeking help. As luck would have it she was referred to me. We were able to quickly identify what had happened, and why nothing she tried seemed to last. 

Within a couple of weeks she was no longer having shooting pain in her legs, and a little more down the line she was free of her back pain. The real breakthrough though, is that it’s been nearly 3 years, and she hasn’t had an episode of severe back pain since. 

Every once in a while her back feels a little stiff, but now she has the tools to address it on her own. And usually if it’s stiff, it’s because she’s been hitting it hard at a new fitness class. She’s finally free of having to worry if her back will flare up. She can say yes with confidence to playing with her kids, and doing things with her friends. 


What To Avoid That’s Making It Worse

Here are 3 things that can make your back pain worse. 


Stopping Exercise:

Completely stopping all exercise is a mistake. It can definitely be frustrating to find something that doesn’t flare it up, but it’s important to keep moving. 


Crossing Your Legs:

When you cross your legs, it puts pressure on your spine, causing it to twist, which puts more pressure on the joints that are already inflamed. 


Ignoring It:

If this strategy hasn’t worked for you up until now, you’re not likely to be getting close to a breakthrough There’s no prize for persistence in this category!

What You Should Do Next if You’re Serious About Fixing It

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